Website videos are starting a new trend online. Video backdrops are showing up everywhere, from Paypal to Nike to Spotify, many high profile sites are now embracing the trend. The main draw back for most web designers has been finding good content videos. In the past few years many of the stock photo websites have added video, but the cost can add up quick!

One of the top online video content providers has been Pond5. If you have watched the History Channel or any documentary in the past few years you have probably seen some of their content. Pond5 has a serious collection of high quality videos from nature to graphics, to just about anything you need, Pond5 has it. The only draw back again is the price.

One little known fact about Pond5 is their Public Domain video collection. Pond5 has a free area with almost 10,000 free public domain videos to choose from. The content ranges from Public Service, Military, Science and so much more!

The next question you might have is how to get a background video on your Joomla site? The easiest way to add a background video to your website is with our YouTube Background video module. This module places one or more YouTube videos as a rotating background animation on the entire site or just an area.

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