Update Log

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Change Log:

2017-05-20 Version 1.7.0

* Support for internal Joomla captcha
* Several minor code fixes

2017-04-27 Version 1.6.1

* Fixed email subject translation string

2016-10-10 Version 1.6.0

* Removed jQuery from date picker

2016-10-05 Version 1.5.5

* Updated language files to include email subject

2015-05-25 Version 1.5.3

* Fixed image display on captcha

2015-05-03 Version 1.5.2

* Fixed missing sender email error

2015-06-05 Version 1.5.0

* Convert JavaScript to jQuery
* Make e-mail field a required field

2015-03-23 Version 1.4.5 (Joomla 2.5)

* Fixed MVC model errors
* Fixed incorrect icon on administrator view

2014/11/22 Version 1.4.4

* Updated with latest reCAPTCHA script
2012/07/03 Version 1.3.1

* Solved: is not possible save appointments in some sceneries.
2012/05/28 Version 1.3.0

* Added reCaptcha engine on the booking form.
* Added SecureImage engine on the booking form.
* Calendar owners can now manage their calendars from the front-end.
* Now is possible to edit and delete your own appointments.
* Now is possible to redirect unauthorized users to a Joomla article.
* Added full translation for the backend of the component (via language files, English only included).
* Minor bugs fixed
2012/04/18 Version 1.2.2

* Now is not possible make appointments on past days.

2012/02/09 Version 1.2.1

* Solved issue when use modal form in calendar view

2012/01/28 Version 1.2.0

* Added language files for Portuguese
* Added auto feed (when user is logged) of the name and email fields
* Added 4 new tags: {calendar_name} {owner_name} {owner_username} {owner_email} to use on email notification templates
* Solved interoperability issues between plug-in and component
* Solved pop up option issues with the plugin
* Solved cancel button issues in book view
* Solved issues with notification when administrator create a new appointment
* Solved close issues on complete and book view when modal or pop up mode is in use (only in Joomla 1.7 version)
* Added auto-close modal/pop up window (with 5 seconds delay)
* Added new plug-in mode: embedded, now you can get the book form inside an article

2011/06/14 Version 1.1.3

* Added language files for Dutch and Spanish

2011/05/20 Version 1.1.2

* Added date display to time table for easier reference

2011/02/07 Version 1.1.1

* Added booking form view as menu option
* Fixed HTML syntax error
* Fixed HTML layout on booking form

2010/11/12 Version 1.0.2

* Fixed javascript conflicts in some scenarios
2010/11/02 Version 1.0.1

* Fixed bad HTML in configuration screen
* Fixed incorrect custom field parsing in outbound emails
* Added tabs to Calendar Configuration screen for easier editing