Our latest template BurgerTime has been updated with some new features we would like to share with you.

Style Updates

Our XTC Framework for templates was built under the concept of extending Joomla, not replacing it. This means your can leverage your knowledge about Joomla templates and also defines how our template administrator looks. We use a standard Bootstrap GUI to ensure the parameter controls remain familiar to you. Also, if you choose to have a custom Administrator template, the XTC controls will be styled automatically. This gives your administrator area a more consistent user experience, much valued by your customers when receiving their product. This same philosophy applies to all our products.

Buttons vs Dropdowns


After taking a close look at all the bootstrap elements used for our parameters, we decided simple button options would work better than the normal dropdown.

Sliders vs Dropdowns


When it came to our Bootstrap Span widths, 12 buttons just didn't look right. We decided that sliders for this action would represent the parameter best.

Feature Updates

Collapsible Bootstrap Gutters


Bootstrap is a wonderful foundation to build websites with but it can have limitations. One such limitation is the gutters. The latest version of our Framework now has the option to collapse the default Bootstrap gutters.

Major RTL Update


Our past RTL options were somewhat limited to text and the core Bootstrap features. Our latest template and framework now is 100% RTL compatible.