A new age has come for JoomlaXTC.

With the introduction of our new website, we are kick starting a whole new way of helping our customers with more and better services, more and better support, more and better products. Read below for a brief explanation and please excuse the dust.

Better support

As part of the highlights, our already praised support team has gone multilingual to provide technical assistance in English, Spanish and French. In addition to that, a brand-new ticket system was designed from the ground up to be useful and friendly, and already includes all your previous tickets and searchable Knowledge Base plus a FAQ section. More features are being added to it to make support even easier for you.

Also, a brand-new store system is in place with improved store layout to give you faster access to the products you are looking for to download or purchase. Being custom-made, this system will allow us to offer a streamlined experience and more purchase options for your benefit.

Our software platform is complete with a custom membership system that is also built from scratch to be flexible and powerful enough to fulfill the demands of our members including new and exciting membership options coming soon.

These three new systems were built with you in mind and give us the power and flexibility to adapt to your needs quicker, easier and safer.

Better Products

Our templates are globally praised to be top of the line and always at the front of the latest web design trends but we are going to the next level: Lauded as the best template framework for beginners and loved by advanced users for its power, the new XTC template framework version is undergoing development and will be released soon with a refined approach on simplicity, flexibility and power. This not only enables a new era on JoomlaXTC designs but also makes it even easier to use for you.

The extensions in our catalog are favorites of our customers, we love when you come to us and explain how they helped deliver a project on time, close a deal with a client or made your website standout. We also can proudly say to have a 100% record with no security vulnerabilities found, ever. Our goal to offer extensions that actually help solve a need remains alive and drives our efforts to improve existing extensions and develop new ones.

Better services

On the services front, some of you are familiar with our custom service packages where you can hire our team to help on anything from installing a Quickstart, modify an extension, tweak a website styling and more. We are expanding the list of services to include more options planned to solve the needs of starting webmasters and professional developers alike. Stay tuned on our blog for more details. In addition to that, we are also negotiating exclusive deals with a variety of 3rd party providers to get you discounts and other benefits on things and resources you might need for your site.

Thank you for sharing the ride with us. Let the fun begin!

The JoomlaXTC team