GIF formatted images have made a huge come back in 2016.  The current GIF revolution has been highly focused on social media, but GIF's are finding their way back to websites.  In the late 90's and early 2000's clipart based GIF's were all the rage, but now GIF's are making their way into the future.

There are many useful and creative ways to use GIF's on your website, from background animations to icon animations, trendy designers are redefining how GIF's impact the internet.  In our Burgertime template we chose animated GIF's over video loops to keep the footprint smaller and load time faster.

Cabel Grove a Web designer and front-end developer in rural Montana has created a quick and easy way to animate GIF's on hover, adding a new way to create animated icons on hover and spoof video players with GIF's.

See the Pen Pause/Play Gif On Hover by Caleb Grove (@CalebGrove) on CodePen.