A beautiful business styled Joomla template.
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About Take your business into the future with Motif - A beautiful business styled Joomla 2.5 and 3 template. Motif offers a clean and focused design, spiced up with the latest in CSS3 styles and effects. Perfect for just about any web project, Motif's design will compliment any project, from Web Hosting and Web Design to Communities, Computer Stores, Application sites and much more.

The core Joomla template features (70+) module positions; (60+) module style variations, (4) preset styles, rich typography options, CSS3 progressive enhancements, Bootstrapped and Responsive Design. The Quickstart even comes with JoomlaXTC's most popular extensions — like Deluxe NewsPro and Contact Wall.

Motif was built with the JoomlaXTC Framework which offers deep customization options and gives you total control over your site's look & feel—from Width Adjustments, Region & Column Layout, Backgrounds, Font Colors / Sizes / Typeset, Module Layout and custom preset styles.
Works with Joomla! 2.5.x, Joomla! 3.x
Extensions included AcyMailing, EventList, JComments, Komento
Tags Business
Features Bootstrap, CSS 3, Responsive, XTC Framework, Mobile, Joomla! Quickstart
Bootstrapped Framework
A responsive grid, full of component, JavaScript, and typography styles for a sleek and intuitive web experience.
CSS 3 Enabled
The latest and greatest standard in design, CSS3 delivers the best in animation and visual effects at incredible speeds.
Responsive Design
Our responsive designs automatically adapt to the best layouts for mobile viewing including the latest in retina devices.
XTC Framework
Built with the XTC framework, our templates provide dozens of parameters for extensive customization with virtually no coding needed.
Mobile Layouts
Deliver optimal content to mobile devices with device-dependant template layouts complete with their own menus, modules and visual styling.
Joomla! Quickstart
Install a full Joomla! website containing demo content, styles and preconfigured extensions ready to get you going in minutes.