Best Free Joomla Extensions

63 Agency Free Template

We are pleased to announce our 63rd Joomla! template - 63 Agency now has a FREE version! The perfect template for Design and Web Agencies, Magazines, Online Shops, Artist Pages, Portfolio Pages and more. 63 FREE is an Elegant, simple and flexible FREE template featuring custom content layouts and a stylish design.


Video Scrubber Module

The JoomlaXTC Video Scrubber module brings the power of interactive frame-by-frame on scroll video scrubbing to Joomla! The concept is simple; the module pulls images from a selected folder in your Joomla! images folder and cycles through them when a page scroll occurs, thus create a video playing effect.


Image Gallery Plugin

JoomlaXTC's Image Gallery plugin is the easiest way to include image galleries on Joomla! or K2 content. It is easy to setup to let you add nice thumbnails and great-looking image slideshows in no time.



HoverCraft Slideshow

The JoomlaXTC HoverCraft Slideshow is a slick CSS3 based slideshow that plays slides in fast frame by frame animation style on hover. The module allows you to craft your own stop motion animation sequence simply by upping your images to Joomla and setting the folder in the module and Voila! This module uses CSS3 animations and will only work on current browsers that support CSS animations!


Lightbox Module

Ever wanted to use a Joomla component from anywhere in your site? Now you can open any component on a Lightbox (modal) window with just a click! Use the module parameters to setup an image as a clickable button, include width, height, and select any of your component menu options or specify a custom URL to open in an attractive Lightbox window! (note: results might vary depending on your template)


Custom HTML Pro

This versatile module allows you to enter Text, HTML, JavaScript or CSS code for display on any module position or even the area of your site. You can edit complex HTML designs or enter plain-text code for custom displays, additional CSS stylings, embeded flash elements or external javaScript programs. What's more, the module supports any Joomla! content plugin allowing you to customize your content even more.


Weblinks Plus

Weblinks Plus adds some of the most requested features to the core Joomla Weblinks component:
Display listings in Grid or List View
Add a single image to each listing
This component does not overwrite your core Weblinks component.

Need Weblinks Pro for Joomla 2.5? Go Pro Today!


XMenu Plugin

Our X-Menu Plugin allows for double lined text commonly known as Speaking Navigation to the core Joomla Main Menu. The plugin has 2 main functions: 1. Double-line menus 2. Module as Menu Option. Note: Some modules can have custom or advanced HTML, CSS and/or script requirements that might not work inside a menu.



Modal Box Plugin

Create light box links with this simple Modal Box plugin. This plugin replaces your normal a href call with the modal call to open the content with a mootools lightbox effect.


Timebomb Countdown Module

Ready to start counting down the days to your next product release? Want to display the Years, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds until December 21st 2014? The JoomlaXTC Timebomb countdown is a full configurable countdown ticker. Customize the ticker with Layout and Resize options, Color options, Banner and Text Options, and Linking options. This combo pack comes with the Timebomb Countdown Module and Content Plugin



XStream Video Plugin

Showcase videos in your content with this well coded content plug for Joomla. Display videos from Youtube and other streaming video sites with total control over size and parameters.


SWF Play Plugin

The JoomlaXTC SWF Play Plugin is a Joomla Content plugin for displaying Flash inside your content articles.



ID Mp3 Player

Our latest audio player offers a single playlist in a stylish customizable flash module. The sweet spot of the ID-MP3 is the way it reads your tracks ID3 info to populate the Artist and Title, no more xmls or troublesome installs - just upload your tracks named in the order of play 1.mp3, 2.mp3 and the ID MP3 Player will do the rest. Styling the player is a breeze with full admin controls over colors and custom skins.


Deluxe News Module

The JXTC Deluxe News Module takes the standard Joomla News Module to the next level with the JXTC XTS template system. The module can display the article thumbnail and intro text as well, the XTS allows you to add simple HTML markups to the module for custom display.


Security Notice

JoomlaXTC does not sell it's products on 3rd party sites.  Any website offering JoomlaXTC products for sale are not licensed versions and should be considered a scam.

Never download our products from file sharing websites like rapidshare, torrents or warez forums.

We have received reports of malicious versions of our software containing viruses, extra code, and even once installed, delete your database, steal sensitive information such as passwords, and credit card information. 

There is only one place to get the full and safe licensed versions of our software and you're looking at it!   Enjoy.

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