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Deluxe News

The Joomla! XTC Deluxe News module enhances your site with incredible power to display Joomla! Content with your custom CSS and HTML in a module position. Choose articles by Author and display them with your own templates limited only by your imagination. It's the perfect tool for developers with custom styles in mind. If you need more power you can upgrade to the Deluxe News Pro Version


Install the module using the regular Joomla! extension installer.


The module can be customized using the standard Joomla! Module Manager.

To access these parameters go to the module manager and select the Deluxe News Module.

Module Parameters

Module parametersUse these parameters to customize the standard presentation of the module.

CountSet the number of articles to show.
OrderSelect if want show the articles in order of creation or modified date.
AuthorsSelecte if want show your articles, the articles of other users or articles of anyone.
Frontpage Articles?Use to show the articles that are set to be show in the front page, or show onlye the normal articles.
Section IDFilter according the section (only available on Joomla! 1.5 version).
Category IDFilter according category.
Module HTML template HTML/CSS code to display the overall module box. You can embed any of the following tags:
{link}URL to the article page.
{title}Article title
{intro}Raw intro text.
{introtext}Plain intro text (no images).
{introimage}URL to the first embedded image in the introtext of the article.
Max. intro lengthMaximum length of {introtext} tag. Empty = no limit.
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