Template - EcoSpa
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Change Log:

2014-11-22 Version 1.3.2

* Fixed PHP error on template code * Fixed missing menu entry for update component * Quickstart updated to latest extension and Joomla versions
2011-10-24 Quickstart Update

* Fixed missing menu entry in sample data file

2011-04-18 Quickstart Update

* Fixed database prefix problem in sample data file
2011-04-12 Version 1.3.0

* Updated with XTC framework 1.3.0
2011-04-08 Quickstart Update

* Quickstart updated with Joomla! 1.5.23
2011-03-23 Version 1.2.1

* Fixed notice error on regions 4 & 5

2011-03-21 Version 1.2.0

* Fixed syntax error in K2 Content wall module
2011-03-21 Version 1.2.0

* Updated to XTC Framework 1.2.2
* Fixed background error on styles 1 and 6
* Fixed default parameters for style 3

2011-03-11 Version 1.1.3

* Updated Joomlaworks Simple Image Gallery PlugIn Theme

2011-02-24 Version 1.1.2

* Removed CSS3PIE

2011-02-23 Version 1.1.1

* Updated XML Parameter Settings for Regions for all styles
* Updated IE parameter override for main content
* Updated grid.css for IE compliance
* Added CSS3PIE for IE round corners and shadowing

2010-11-08 Version 1.1.0

* Updated to Joomla! 1.5.22
* Updated to XTC Framework 1.1.0

2010-11-02 Version 1.0.1

* Updated Quickstart to include Appointment Book Component v1.0.1

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