PhotoShop Video Tutorials

40+ Photoshop training videos - Tips on Photo and Source graphic file editing,
Color Replacement, Gradients and more.

    1. How to use the Brush and Pencil tools in PhotoShop
    2. How to resize a document's canvas in PhotoShop
    3. How to use the Color Picker in PhotoShop
    4. How to use the Color Replacement tool in PhotoShop
    5. How to crop an image in PhotoShop
    6. How to set default units in PhotoShop
    7. How to use the eraser tools in PhotoShop
    8. How to use the Eyedropper tool in PhotoShop
    9. How to use the Gradient tool in PhotoShop
    10. How to use the Move & Hand tools in PhotoShop
    11. How to use the History Brush tool in PhotoShop
    12. How to use the History Palette in PhotoShop
    13. An introduction to Layers in PhotoShop
    14. How to take measurements in PhotoShop
    15. How to create a new document in PhotoShop
    16. How to open an existing document in PhotoShop
    17. How to use the Paint Bucket tool in PhotoShop
    18. An overview of the Palettes in PhotoShop
    19. How to tweak Photoshop's performance
    20. Rearranging and closing all open documents in PhotoShop
    21. How to resize an image in PhotoShop
    22. How to rotate the canvas & layers in PhotoShop
    23. How to save a document in PhotoShop
    24. How to change the screen mode in PhotoShop
    25. How to set the foreground and background colors in PhotoShop
    26. How to use the selection tools in PhotoShop
    27. How to add shapes using the shape tools in PhotoShop
    28. How to use swatches in PhotoShop
    29. How to add text using the Type tools in PhotoShop
    30. An overview of the tools in PhotoShop
    31. How to trim an image in PhotoShop
    32. How to zoom an image in PhotoShop
    33. How to remove the background from an image in PhotoShop
    34. How to design buttons for your website in PhotoShop
    35. How to pick the right format for your image in PhotoShop
    36. How to add a gradient background to your website in PhotoShop
    37. How to design header graphics for your website in PhotoShop
    38. How to get the hex code of a color for your website in PhotoShop
    39. How to design a logo for your website in PhotoShop
    40. How to slice a document for use on the web in PhotoShop
    41. How to create a speech bubble effect for your website in PhotoShop
    42. How to create thumbnails of images in PhotoShop
    43. How to watermark an image in PhotoShop

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