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JoomlaXTC NewsShare Module

Flash Component under exclusive license from


Module Description:

Joomla XTC's News Share Module gives you the power to display your Joomla content in a stylish searchable scrolling flash module.  The key feature of the module is the ability to copy and embed the module on other sites such as communitys and more.


Install Instructions

version 1.0a


#1 Upload the to your Joomla install via the Joomla Installer.





Configuring The



Module Width: Your custom width

Module Height:  Your custom height

Section ID:  Content Section

Category ID:  Content Category

Include Frontpage Articles:  Show articles featured on frontpage

One Article Per Author:  Limit articles to one article per author

Sort Order: Order to display articles

Background Color: Background color for overall module

Content Margin: Margin for content display

Search Background Height: Height of Search Area

Search Text Height: Height of Search Text

Search Background Color: Color of Search Area Background

Search Text Background Color: Color of Search Text Area Background

Search Text Title Color: Color of Search Title

Search Text Title Font Size: Search Title Font Size

Search Text Title:  Title of Search

Search Icon Background Color:  Color of Search Icon Background

Search Icon Color:  Search Icon Color

Search Text Color: Color of Search Text

Search Text Font Size: Search Title Font Size

Search Delete Background Color:  Color of Search Delete Background

More Label:  Title for more link

Target Window:  Open article page setting

List Distance Between Articles:  Distance between articles

List Article Height:  Height of articles

List Stroke Color:  Article List Stroke Color

List Fill Color:  Article List Fill Color

List Title Color:  Article Title Color

List Title Font Size:  Article Title Font Size

List Text Color:  ArticleText Color

List Font Size:  ArticleText Size

List Button Background Color: Color of more button background

List Button Over Text Color:  Color of more text hover

List Button Text Color: Color of more text

List Button Text Font Size:  Font Size of More text

List Image Width:  Thumbnail Width

List Button Height:  Thumbnail Height

Visible Text Characters:  Limit the size of characters per listing

Background Scroller Width: Width of scroller background

Scroller Width:  Width of scroller

Scroller Background Color: Background Color of Scroller

Scroller Color:  Color of Scroller

Embedd Image:  Image displayed on Embedd Page

Embedd Information:  Custom text on Embedd Page

Embedd Button:  Custom text for button

Module Class Suffix:  Joomla Module Suffix Style


Security Notice

JoomlaXTC does not sell it's products on 3rd party sites.  Any website offering JoomlaXTC products for sale are not licensed versions and should be considered a scam.

Never download our products from file sharing websites like rapidshare, torrents or warez forums.

We have received reports of malicious versions of our software containing viruses, extra code, and even once installed, delete your database, steal sensitive information such as passwords, and credit card information. 

There is only one place to get the full and safe licensed versions of our software and you're looking at it!   Enjoy.

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